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Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 750ml - Clear - 420 Extra

The Osmo UV Protection Oil has been designed in order to combat the greying effects of the Sun's UV rays. Many woods like oak, teak and iroko to name just a few will become grey or silver over time and this oil will slow down that greying process by a factor of 12 when compared to natural wood. Normally the Sun's rays can penetrate through the clear coatings and bleach the wood below but this product contains special ingredients to combat this. The '420 Extra' contains Biocide which is a combination of insecticide and fungicide making it ideal for outside use. This product is NOT recommended for floors, decking and wooden steps etc. This product is micro-porous, thus allowing the wood to breathe. Because the oil does not form a seal on the surface of the wood it cannot peel, flake, crack or blister. It is based on natural oils and offers a very clear, natural effect when compared to other 'clear' oils. Slightly tired looking areas can be easily refreshed by simply cleaning the affected areas and applying more of the oil. Even badly scratched areas can be seamlessly repaired with a sand and a re-application of the oil. Oils penetrate into the wood grain aiding the natural elasticity of the wood and helping to reduce shrinkage and swelling. This oil can also be applied over the Osmo Wood Stain and Protector. The drying time of this product is 8-12 hours. Ensure surfaces are clean and apply a thin coat of this product with a paint brush or mohair roller. Always finish your brush or roller strokes by going in the direction of the wood grain.