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3 Top Reasons To Choose Oak as Worktop

With access to our team & the quality supplied French oak at I Timber as the best provider of oak worktops in Brighton, you can find the perfect work space to accommodate you. Whether that means a simple rectangle design or something with a bit more complicated woodworking is up to you.

Why to choose Solid Oak Worktop?

1. Very Strong & Generations lasting - Oak is well known as one of the most resistant and strongest wood built to take on the tests of time and everything the elements have to throw at it.

2. So Easy To Fix  Imagine dropping a knife or mug onto a granite surface. A chip or crack is much harder to rectify, whereas with solid oak, you can simply fill or sand down your surface to keep it looking great every time!

3. Great looking & Welcoming An oak worktop can help to break up the blank expanse of an all white kitchen, and produces an ultimately more agreeable and pleasant feel. Making it thick and with a bit of character or even waney/life edge, will make it a really stand out. This will be admired by all your family and visitors.


Bespoke Projects

There is nothing quite like having a bespoke oak worktop created for you. These oak worktops in I Timber make use of some of the finest, natural oak that is available. All so that your worktop gets the character from the wood that really makes it stand out.

Each bespoke project is handcrafted for the utmost condition quality. You will never have to worry about the construction quality of your oak worktop.


Supplies for Any Situation

Oak can be a versatile wood. It is so versatile, in fact, that it is used in a multitude of different projects. Whether it be cladding, flooring, decking, planking, fencing, or a million other things, you can make efficient use out of oak.

All of which creates a better aesthetic and appeal. There are plenty of “wood” items out there that look halfway decent. But they are nothing like the look of an oak worktop.

For more information, please contact us here at ITimber.

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